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Infrastructure Taking the
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Alternative Asset Investing

While the benefits of Alternative Asset investing are clear, navigating this vast and varied landscape can be daunting.

That's where we step in. With expertise in financial engineering and tech, we provide a suite of B2B investing solutions that remove many of the barriers to investing in Alternative Assets.

Allow your customers access to exciting alternative assets

Be at the forefront of a new era of investments

Introducing The Terminal Platform: Alternative Asset Investing Software:

Solution Focused

Solution Focused

For investors that have challenges with investing in traditional formats, our ‘wrappers’ can be tailored to solve these problems.

Solution Focused

Cost Efficient Structuring

Use our asset investing management technology and expertise to structure transactions in a cost efficient way, reducing the endless paperwork and legal fees.

Solution Focused

Asset Marketplace

Discover a diverse range of assets. Take advantage of our lower transaction fees and easy to use Marketplace.

Why Choose Ctrl Alt as your Alternative Asset Investing Platform?



Greater potential for liquidity as a result of smaller shares and enhanced infrastructure.


Lower Costs

Deal structuring and execution costs are lower relative to traditional markets.



Increased access to digital assets. Previously, you would need access to full capital not to mention a process that can feel endless.


Ticket Size

With Ctrl Alt, there is no minimum ticket size. Our structure enables fractional investing at any amount.

Looking for an API Solution?

Meet our Embedded Platform - our alternative asset accessible and cost effective API plug in to open up Alternative Asset investing to your eligible customers.

Use your existing platforms, leverage our technology, structuring capabilities and explore our diverse marketplace of assets to open up investing in an accessible and cost efficient way.

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Looking for an API Solution?

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