At Ctrl Alt we Champion Transparency

General FAQs

What is Ctrl Alt?

Ctrl Alt is a platform that allows you to invest in fractions of alternative assets like property, green energy and more.

When Did Ctrl Alt Start?

We were founded in 2020 and have spent the last couple of years developing our regulatory framework and structure alongside our technology. Our platform launched in Q4 2022.

Where is Ctrl Alt based?

We are based in London, UK.

How Is Ctrl Alt Unique?

Our unique multi asset approach and expert asset partners means Ctrl Alt is your one stop shop for everything in the alternatives space.

Is Ctrl Alt an NFT Platform?

No, you are investing in shares that are represented as tokens. The tokens are classified by the Financial Conduct Authority as Security Tokens and contain the same legal rights as a share. This is very important for us and our users as it removes any legal ambiguity when it comes to ownership of the asset.

Security FAQs

Who Owns The Asset?

The assets are owned by a legal entity (company) and you as an investor own part of that legal entity. Ctrl Alt arranges the formation of the legal entity with the help of lawyers.

Is It Safe?

Investing in alternative assets comes with risks and for each asset we list on our platform, we describe what those risks are and what the risk profile is. While the asset itself carries inherent risks, we’ve built an operationally safe and secure platform. For example, funds are collected and held in a regulated UK escrow account, away from Ctrl Alt.

What If Something Happens To Ctrl Alt?

The assets are owned by the investors/users of the platform via a company separate to Ctrl Alt that they are shareholders in. Therefore, if anything happens to Ctrl Alt your investment is segregated, we have no claim to the assets. As Ctrl Alt is involved in the operational element, we will arrange for the assets to be sold and any funds owed returned to you if Ctrl Alt were to stop operations.

Does Ctrl Alt Have Permissions To Operate?

Yes. Ctrl Alt carries out activities which are required to be regulated in the UK. Ctrl Alt (FRN: 974321) is an Appointed Representative of Khepri Advisers Limited (FRN: 692447), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Where Are The Assets Kept?

Storage depends on the asset. For example, watches might be stored in a bank vault in London and whisky casks might be stored in bonded warehouses in Scotland. We aim to ensure the asset is insured and stored appropriately.

How Do I Know The Assets Are Genuine?

We work with asset partners who are well established in their respective fields. They validate that the assets are genuine and have relevant paperwork where required.

Investing FAQs

How are the assets valued?

Assets are independently valued. Your portfolio will then update with an estimated valuation, you can see further details on the portfolio tab in the app.

How can investors pay?

We take payment via Open Banking where you deposit funds in GBP. We currently do not accept cryptocurrency as payment.

How do investors get their money back?

Alternative assets are often by nature illiquid and are most suitable for longer term investment horizons. Ctrl Alt allows investors to vote on when they want to sell the underlying asset. If the majority want to sell then the asset is sold and the proceeds of the sale are distributed back to investors.

In which currency will investments be made?

We currently allow investments to be made in GBP and will add support for other currencies in the future.

Technology FAQs

What Is A Wallet?

A wallet is essentially an account on the blockchain where you can store your tokens. We allow users to create their own wallet in our app or import their own. You can transfer the tokens out of the wallet. Only you have access to the wallet, so keep the passphrase secure.

Why Do You Use Blockchain?

Blockchain is what allows us to operate a platform like this. Previously it would have been too operationally heavy and costly but blockchain alleviates those problems and allows us to pass the cost benefits onto you.

Glossary FAQs


Algorand is the blockchain that Ctrl Alt is built on. The tokens (digital shares) that represent your investment are issued and recorded on the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand Standard Asset

The name given to digital assets issued on the Algorand blockchain.

Asset Class

A group of investments that exhibit similar characteristics. For example equities (stocks & shares) or currencies.


A digital record book or 'ledger' that is used to verify existence, ownership and the history of all kinds of data. Ctrl Alt uses this technology to record ownership of the tokens and facilitate transfers in a secure way.

It is called Blockchain because they store records in 'blocks' that are linked together using cryptography. This helps to keep the records secure.


The process of raising money from a large number of people who want to contribute to a particular project or investment opportunity. The project or investment only goes ahead once a certain amount has been raised.


A digital currency that is used to pay transaction fees on a blockchain. It is rewarded to validators on a blockchain in exchange for correctly validating network transactions.

There are many different types of cryptocurrencies, each relating to a different blockchain. ALGO is the native cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain. Like traditional or fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are also an asset class that investors purchase to speculate on how the price will change.


A method of transforming data in order to keep it secure.

Exchange Token

Tokens that are designed to be used as a means of exchange. They are used to buy and sell goods. Cryptocurrencies are exchange tokens.

Fiat Currency

Government issued currency not backed by a physical commodity like gold. For example US Dollars or British Pounds.


The process of distributing tokens to investors.

Investment Overview

A document that outlines the potential risks and provides the nessecary background to the investment. As the name suggests, it has key bits of information for you to view.


The process of adding a new asset to our platform for investors to access.


A Non-Fungible Token is a type of digital asset that is not fungible or equivalent to another asset. Tokens on the Ctrl Alt platform are not NFTs.


A 12-word secret phrase that gives you access to your wallet. Only you have this passphrase and it should not be shared.


A summary of your investments and where you can vote to hold or sell the underyling asset.

Private Key

Similar to a password, it is a string of letters and numbers that allows you to access your tokens. It is private because only you have access to it.

Security Token

Tokens with characteristics that mean they provide legal rights or obligations akin to investments like shares or bonds. Tokens on Ctrl Alt are security tokens, they provide the same legal rights as shares.

Self Custody Wallet

A type of wallet that only you as the wallet owner have access to. Think of it like a safe that you own and only you have the key for.


Units of ownership in a company. As a holder of a share you own part of the company and the assets it holds.

Smart Contract

A piece of code that executes certain actions once a set of conditions have been met. At Ctrl Alt we use smart contracts to release tokens to investors only once the total amount for the asset has been raised.


The process of committing to buying a particular token.

Subscription Agreement

A document that outlines the investment and its terms. Upon agreeing to the subscription agreement you are committing to the investment.

Subscription Window

The time period in which you can sign up to buy a particular token.


A digital unit that represents an asset. On the Ctrl Alt platform, the tokens represent shares.

Utility Token

Tokens that grant holders access to a current or prospective product/service but don't provide the same legal rights as shares, bonds etc. An example could be tokens in an online game that enables you to purchase products or services in that game.


Computers that are responsible for securing the network. They confirm the validity of new transations added to the ledger/records.

Voting Rights

The right to decide what happens to the underlying asset, for example the property. The more tokens you hold, the more voting power you have as an investor.


A place to store and manage your digital assets and tokens. Think of it like a digital version of a safe that has all the keys to your assets.

Wallet Address

A string of letters and numbers which is used to identify your wallet. Used when you want to send tokens to and from your wallet.


A measure of return on your investment. For example if you invest £100 in something that yields 10%, you will receive £10. **For illustrative purposes.