We're on a Mission to Make Structuring and Investing in Tokenised Asset Classes Cost Effective, Secure and Accessible.

Our Story

Combining groundbreaking technology and expert financial engineering, Ctrl Alt is the B2B infrastructure provider that makes structuring and investing in alternative asset classes efficient, cost-effective, and accessible.

Launched in 2022 by Matt Ong (formerly of Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse) to open up access to the growing world of alternative assets, Ctrl Alt has since become the leading expert in the sector. Through Ctrl Alt, businesses can structure and distribute private equity, infrastructure, private credit, films and more.

This is achieved via their sophisticated technology stack which includes tokenisation, that streamlines existing investment structures.

With offices in the UK and Ireland, the Ctrl Alt team is composed of financial and product experts including alumni from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, UBS and Revolut.
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Meet the Team

Matt Ong
Matt spent the first part of his career working across fund structuring, alternative investments and trading at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. He has extensive knowledge of structuring financial products, regulation and asset raising.
Ele Ward
Ele previously worked as Head of Marketing at a leading FinTech start-up/scale-up, Cogo. She has consulted with numerous early stage companies and is passionate about purpose-driven businesses.
Matt Acheson
Matt is an expert builder with both deep and relevant experience in FinTech and Investments from his time at Revolut and Shares. Matt is passionate about building scale-ups from ground zero.
Jordan McMullen
Jordan has spent his career as a Risk Manager at Morgan Stanley, overseeing product development decisions and building scalable solutions. He is passionate about building solutions to open up access to tokenised asset investing.
Jack Spargo
Jack is passionate about scaling early-stage startups. With a background working with FinTech startups, he built and sold, Gratsi, to Strikepay. Jack has since worked with startups to help them build out their technology.
Lucia Cook
Lucia is an experienced FinTech Compliance Advisor. Having worked at UBS and Morgan Stanley, Lucia went on to become Global Director of Compliance at Shares and has consulted with numerous FinTechs.

The Time Is Now:

Take Ctrl of Alts

We Need to Talk About Tokenisation: A back to basics guide and the impact on the future of alternative asset investing.



At Ctrl Alt, we are looking for people who are passionate about our mission.

We believe that to achieve this, we need a diverse range of skills and people to help us to truly drive for success.
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