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SPVS 3.0
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Funds 3.0
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Revenue Generating Infrastructure. Structure and Invest in Tokenized Assets.

Our advanced technology and expertise in financial engineering is here to help you create bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs.

Whether you’re looking to structure assets with our digital wrappers and tokenisation capabilities or expand investment avenues for your clients, Ctrl Alt has the solution for you.

Our Solutions:

We’ve developed the next generation of asset wrappers to help you and your customers access a wider range of assets at a lower price point through the power of tokenization.

For advisors that use SPVs and wrappers today, we offer a scalable and cost-effective alternative that aims to improve margins while lowering fees for end investors.

For FinTech’s and other investment platforms, our simple API’s help you to provide access to assets in a fractional form.
Corporate Advisors
Wealth Managers
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WHY Tokenised AsseTs?
Bring a new line of revenue to your business in a simple, quick and cost-effective way.  
Give your clients access to a wider range of assets. From private equity to private credit, we can help you keep up with client demand.
Lead the way
Stand out in a competitive market by offering your clients exclusive access to investment opportunities.
We are entering a new age in fund structuring. Historically, funds have been operationally challenging to set up and run. As a result, access to many funds has been limited.

Tokenization presents a new way to provide exposure to funds, from venture capital to hedge funds. We believe that all funds will be tokenised in the future.

Ctrl Alt helps managers to set up a natively tokenized fund structure or we take an existing fund and tokenise the fund units.
Fund Managers
Asset Managers
Investment Managers
+ more
Increase AUM by distributing your funds to a wider audience. Tokenization can help pool investors with smaller tickets at a lower cost without creating burden for the manager.
We can help to solve problems investors have with accessing a master fund.
Our flexible suite of tools help you to service clients efficiently. From our institutional grade Terminal Platform to custom investor reporting.
Why Tokenization?

Embrace the Future of Tokenization.

As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the financial services sector needs to adapt and use new technology to improve the way we invest.

Harnessing the power of tokenization, our solutions seamlessly integrate both the on and off-chain benefits, combining traditional investment structures with new technology. We provide a secure pathway to tokenized asset structuring while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.
A fast growing sector
The tokenized asset market shows no signs of slowing down. Tokenization of global illiquid assets is estimated to be a $16 Trillion business opportunity by 2030.

The Time Is Now:

Take Ctrl of Alts

‘Growing demand for alternative assets will add more than $8 trillion to assets under management in the next five years, to a total $24.5 trillion’


Our Solutions

Funds 3.0
SPVs 3.0

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Seamless Integrations.

Bespoke to your needs.

Whether you aim to expand investment avenues for your customers or structure and tokenize your next fund, our technology and financial engineering expertise is here to create bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

Banks looking for a distribution partner to open up alternative asset investing to their customers