Meet Ctrl Alt - opening up the world of alternative assets.

Join the alternative investing revolution with Ctrl Alt. Invest with as little as £10 today.

Invest differently in a marketplace of alternative assets.

We believe that investing shouldn't be an exclusive and complicated process. For too long, access to assets have typically only been available to the most wealthy in society.

We're bringing you the first regulatory compliant platform of its kind. Ctrl Alt will allow you to invest with as little as £10 in a simple, transparent and secure way.

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Why Ctrl Alt?


We operate within the high standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Working with asset partners to bring you new investment opportunities.


Invest away from stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency to diversify your portfolio.


Buy and sell your tokens on a secondary market.

How it works:



We work with trusted partners to list assets for you to invest in.



We’re here to help educate you on the world of alternatives. Our simple to use platform breaks down investment profiles.



Once the total amount has been collected from our investment community, a legal entity is created to purchase the asset. This ensures investors have a legal claim to the asset.



Shares are transferred to your digital wallet for you to access at any time.



Manage your portfolio within our app and decide when you want to sell.

Download our free-to-use app and start investing with as little as £10.

Invest in
alternative assets with as little as £10.

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