Taking the Complication out of Asset Financing

Raise Capital with Ctrl Alt:

At Ctrl Alt, we understand the complexities that can accompany traditional financing routes for raising funds. We’re here to simplify that process, coupling groundbreaking financial structuring and tech solutions to manage your investment process from start to end. From property, green energy to films, our team works closely with you to understand and create bespoke financing solutions that align with your specific needs.

How it Works:

Confirm asset proposal

We work with you to analyse your assets and structure them in a way to ensure maximum efficiencies.

Investment Proposal

We collate all key information to help investors make a decision. For example, size, return and long-term details.

Listing goes live

Invite your investors to invest via our platform. Once the final amount is raised, the asset is purchased and investors are issued digital shares.

Investor Relations

Ctrl Alt will issue yield payments and quarterly engagement with your asset investment community.

Why Ctrl Alt


Use Ctrl Alt’s groundbreaking structuring to fund your assets.



We manage the end-to-end fulfilment of the asset from investment, issuance of digital shares to yield payments on investments.



Offer eligible investors in your community a new way to invest without requiring the full amount of capital for an asset.


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