Our mission is to make investing in alternative asset classes simple, secure and accessible.

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Bringing alternative assets to life.

For too long, access to alternative assets has only been available to the most wealthy in society.

Ctrl Alt will allows you to invest in the world of alternatives from £10 in a simple, transparent and secure way.

We believe that investing shouldn't be an exclusive and complicated process.

Meet the team:

Matt Ong

Matt spent the first part of his career working across fund structuring, alternative investments and trading at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. He has developed extensive knowledge of building financial products, regulation and asset raising.

Ele Ward

Ele previously worked as Head of Marketing at a leading FinTech start-up/scale-up, Cogo. She has consulted with numerous early stage companies and is passionate about purpose-driven businesses.

Jordan McMullen

Jordan has spent his career as a Risk Manager at Morgan Stanley, overseeing product development decisions and building scalable solutions. He is excited to be opening up access to investing for everyone.

Emily MacDonald

Emily joins as marketing intern. With expertise in content development, Emily is passionate about the power of creating community and social first campaigns.

Nick Menozzi

Nick is our FinTech growth expert. He started his career as a broker on Wall St before moving to a tech start up to help companies grow their users through partnership marketing.

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